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Big Beautiful Boundless Digital Sale!

Webwitch PgBoundless has experienced a rebirth this year.  Its been amazing to see how many fans of the uncensored line of mature horror comics have embraced the books and helped to make it a huge success.  This week Boundless gives back with an awesome digital sale on ComiXology that allows folks to binge read some of the best bad girl comics right on your devices.  Right now through Sunday 11/13 you can get 90 digital issues of Lady Death, Belladonna, Webwitch, and War Goddess for a staggeringly cheap bundle package of $39.99!  It’s like Belladonna00pg01 copyfinding some of your favorite old comics in a bargain bin at the local convention.

With the click of a button you can be reading some of the hardest to find femme fatale action from the past ten years!  Check out the sale today at this link:



Boundless New to Comic Shops 11/9/16

These are the new Boundless Comics coming to comic shops on Wednesday 11/9/16:

Belladonna #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:        Mike Costa’s fiery barbarian queen returns to cut a bloody swath Bella2-Regof vengeance through her enemies.  She has uncovered her true foe, the sorceress Skene, but defeating this enemy will take more than brawn and fury.  After a crushing battle, now Bella is swept up into the lupine world of the woman know as the Gypsy!  It is an age of high sorcery and razor sharp swords in the uncensored Belladonna2-ShieldMaidenmature readers fantasy epic of Belladonna!  Boundless offers a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including a Regular Cover & Wraparound Covers by series artist Nahuel Lopez, Shield Maiden by Matt Martin, Blood Lust by Raulo Caceres, and Killer Body Cover by Renato Camilo.  Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including a Century Nude Set ( 3 books, limited to 100 copies ea) by Ron Adrian, Costume Change Bella2-KillerBodySet (3 books, limited to 250 sets) &  Nude & Naughty Set (3 books, Limited to 350 sets) by Christian Zanier. And for the erotic art collectors, there are Nude, & Wraparound Nude Covers by Lopez, Shield Maiden Nude by Martin, Blood Lust Nude by Caceres, and Killer Body Nude Cover by Camilo! To see the uncensored covers, please visit ww.boundlesscomics.com.




Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       The jungle is rife with danger and sensuality!  Among its secrets JFIvory4-regare the beasts both familiar and primordial.  And of course the dangers don’t stop there, as the animal that walks on two legs can be more deadly and lustful than any in the strange alien animal kingdom.  This is the line between life and death as beautiful women attempt to JFIvory4-Luscioussurvive against all odds in a world without civilization. Join in the fun and devour the incredible art of the very best in cheesecake comic art!

Boundless offers a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by Renato Camilo, Wraparound and Natural Beauty Covers by Raulo Caceres, Luscious Cover by Matt Martin, and a Sultry Cover by Christian Zanier. Plus an array of JFIvory4-Sultrysuper limited covers for the collector including a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) by Gabriel Andrade, a Nude & Naughty Set (of 3 books) and a Costume Change Set (of 3 books), each limited to 250 sets, by Christian Zanier. And for the erotic art collectors, there is the Nude by Camilo, Sultry Nude by Zanier, Luscious Nude by Martin, and Wraparound Nude & Natural Beauty Nude Covers by Caceres.  For the best in erotic art we also have an Adult Cover and Adult Extreme Cover by cheesecake artist Christian Zanier! To see the uncensored adult covers, please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.


Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!

Boundless Comics New to Comic Shops & Digital 12/30/15

These are the new Boundless Comics items coming to local comic shops and to digital on ComiXology this Wednesday 12/30/15:


Belladonna #0

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The all-new Belladonna epic begins here! It’s the story of a Belladonna0-regViking warrior and her army of shield maidens in a century of massive upheaval in the Celtic north. Belladonna uses her ferocious bloodlust and supernatural strength to wage war against the cruel Picts and mythical beasts, surrounded by a bleak and unforgiving landscape. But bloodletting and supernatural beasts aside, Belladonna is also a meticulously researched evocation of the pre-Roman British isles during the 9th century. It was a century of blood and fire, Belladonna0-BloodLustkingdoms rising and falling in the contest between the Vikings and the Picts, with Belladonna and her irregular war-party of women fighters are caught in the middle. With the breathtaking art of Ignacio Calero, this sweeping, sexy epic is not one to be missed! This super-size first issue also features a cover gallery of her previous series as well as an archive story from Raulo Caceres in color for the first time! Don’t miss the fantastic array of seductive covers with this issue including Regular Cover by Ignacio Calero, Shield Maiden, Blood Lust & Warrior Women by Jose Luis, Celtic Deco by Michael DiPascale, ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included) limited to just 250 sets by Christian Zanier, and a Pure Art Retailer Order Incentive by Ron Adrian. For the ultimate in collectible editions, there is a Century cover – Red Hot – by Jose Luis that is limited to 100 copies!

Webwitch #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Matt Martin, the maestro of alien seduction, delivers an erotic Webwitch3-reghorror tale like you’ve never seen before. Aliens and action abound as the Spider-Nation’s plans are unveiled and extinction is the order of the day. Nina is torn between two worlds in a battle for ultimate control over the Earth. The decisions she makes will either save the human race or doom every last living being to a spot on the Spider-Nation Webwitch3-Wrap
all you can eat buffet. We also continue the full-color presentation of Tim Vigil’s Webwitch series! Don’t miss the amazing array of sexy covers with this issue including Regular, Wraparound, Honey Trap, a Retailer Incentive Pure Art by Matt Martin, and Alien Seduction cover by Juan Jose Ryp. Christian Zanier illustrates the Vintage Vixen (a homage to sexy spies of the past) and the ultra-collectable Costume Change 6 cover set (with sexy topless and nude covers included!) that is limited to just 250 sets.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!

Boundless Resurrects Belladonna on Kickstarter!

Belladonna00pg01 copyBoundless Comics is proud to announce the resurrection of a classic femme fatale in the brand new Belladonna #0 Kickstarter program.  With help from the fans Mike Cost (God is Dead) and extremely talented artist Ignacio Calero are delivering an epic history / fantasy mash up of Viking sized proportions!  Belladonna is the story of a Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens in a century of massive upheaval in the Celtic north-lands.

Belladonna00pg06 copyThis is a tale full of supernatural forces and mythology set against the real life historical events unleashed by the ferocious Picts.

If you love Boundless Comics mature approach to femme fatales – this new series is perfect for you.  We are reaching out to all of the fans to watch the video and consider joining in on the Kickstarter program to help make this Belladonna00pg08 copynew series a reality.  The Kickstarter has a ton of great prizes that will allow you to enjoy the fun of this series and to complete your collection with unique collectibles!  Please check out the program here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/belladonna-0

Webwitch Kickstarter Stretch Goal Within Reach

b79b9a165a44417b8f9a12d5848bea02_originalMatt Martin’s Webwitch Kickstarter project is ticking down to the final hours.  We are so close to the second stretch goal and making this first issue relaunch a massive 80 pages!  The goal is within $3000 and fans of the original Webwitch series know how incredible the Tim Vigil cover art was.  If we can reach this level the first issue will include those remastered covers in a f82dc20aaeef32c1ab2e2710dcf9aeb5_originalmassive gallery.  It will be the best of both worlds with the new editorial that has been developed over the past ten years and the classic material being collected alongside it.

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter program and spread the word to your friends.  You can find the project here:  goo.gl/cnrvRe

Matt Martin’s Webwitch Kickstarter is Here!

Webwitch PgFan favorite artist Matt Martin has been working on a very special series for over ten years. Webwitch is a sexy mix of alien invasion and femme fatales that delivers on every angle. The series takes you through the life of a young woman who was born with alien DNA and is part of an ancient plot to wipe out humanity. Martin’s work is exceptional and manages to deliver a thrill ride of action and horror in this new series.

Now fans can help make this project a reality with a brand new Kickstarter campaign! The program offers fans who support the book a wide range of great prizes from exclusive editions to amazing original art covers. Take a look at the project and watch the video here: goo.gl/cnrvRe

Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter 96 Page Stretch Goal in Reach

The Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter has been a tremendous success in just the first few days of its existence. Fans of the femme fatale have responded to it with strong support to help bring the biggest issue of Lady Death ever to print. In just a few short days the program was funded and the first stretch goal was reached. Now as the event enters its final week, everyone is gearing up for the big challenge. If the program can reach its second stretch goal, every issue of Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 will be increased to an incredible 96 pages chock full of rare covers, pinups, development, and sketch art that has previously been unseen!

This is a chance for the Lady Death fans to take control of the project themselves and turn it into something very special for all involved. Everyone at Boundless Comics appreciates the support of the fans and we are looking forward to making this a project that everyone can enjoy!Visit the Kickstarter project here and help make it a reality: http://goo.gl/dEDUIm

Ember #0 Is Off To Press!

Ember0-RegularChristian Zanier’s brand new Boundless Comics femme fatale, Ember has hit a milestone.  The premiere issue of Ember #0 is off to the printer and will be in comic shops next month.  Ember is the story of a privileged young woman whose life is turned upside down when she gains superpowers and attains the stardom she was seeking.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Ember blazes brightly as the newest femme fatale from Boundless Comics!  An all-new Ember0_Sultrysultry series written and drawn by the incomparable Christian Zanier (Crossed: Badlands), Ember is the story of a very privileged young woman, given the twin gifts of stunning natural beauty and a fabulously rich father, who gets her life turned upside-down in the blink of an eye.  A horrific plane crash, with a mysterious experiment aboard, and suddenly Ember has gained an elemental power over fire.  But having a power and knowing how to master it are very different things.  This special #0 is a full-length Ember0-Selfieintroduction to the World of Ember, some glimpses of her origin, and peak into her life. As well as a meeting with her nemesis Wreckage!  This #0 launches everything and will be followed up this summer by a full mini-series also by Zanier. Available with Regular, Wraparound, Selfie, Sultry, Art Nouveau, and a Fiery Incentive Cover by Christian Zanier.

Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy for you today!

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 3/4/15

This is the new Boundless Comics release digitally on Comixology today Wednesday 3/4/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Artist Marc Borstel brings the number one comics bad girl back LadyDeathAp2-regto life in the exciting new Lady Death: Apocalypse series! Join in the delicious horror as we resurrect the harrowing adventures of the longest running independent femme fatale in comics. Zombie soldiers once stalked the Under Realm at the beck and call of their mistress, Death Queen. After her defeat, the Undead were no more…until tonight! As the specter of the long-forgotten Dire Knights rises to reignite the curse of the Undead, Lady Death is about to discover that these Undead are unlike the reanimated corpse warriors she once defeated.