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24 Hours Left on Belladonna Kickstarter!

e1ab462589164c16c6f7e6530f967a2d_originalIts coming down to the wire now!  Just a day left for us to push Belladonna beyond her limits and into a powerful new swords and sorcery series in style.  We’re asking all of our faithful berserker warrior backers out there to help us get the word out on your social media outlets to fans who love powerful fantasy storytelling like Conan and Red Sonja but with no holds barred.  Belladonna is a bloody Belladonna#1_08unrelenting monster of a series that is everything you want in a mature readers story.

The art by Nahuel Lopez is perfect for this book and really captures the pulpy feel of classic fantasy but with that hard edge you expect from Boundless.  These aren’t your pappy’s barbarian comics – these are great stories with amazing uncensored art for adults!  Please visit and consider supporting the project here:


Thanks for helping us to make Belladonna a big hit!

Sneak Peek at Nahuel Lopez’ Incredible Art on Belladonna Kickstarter

Belladonna#1_08Fans have been loving the incredible art of Nahuel Lopez on the new Belladonna comic book series.  To help share the amazing work with everyone, we’ve posted a brand new video of him illustrating one of the ravishing Belladonna covers on the current Kickstarter page.  You can see how easily his bold lines develop into the sexy battle sirens of this no holds barred barbarian slug-fest.

Belladonna1-KS-CostumeChgFans who enjoy sharp uncensored fantasy action that puts many of the well known swords and sorcery titles to shame will love this new series.  Take a few moments to check out the powerful illustrations and you’ll be added to Belladonna’s berserker nation.

The Kickstarter has just over two days left for you to become a part of it.  Check it out here:

Belladonna Kickstarter Reaching for 3rd Stretch Goal!

bella-thanksThe Belladonna Kickstarter backers have been incredible!  We have received such a strong response to this new project that within just a few days we’ve already blown past stretch goals #1 and #2!  Now we are focusing our attention on stretch goal #3 and it is a big one that will make all of our backers happy.

Stretch Goal #3 “Cavalcade of Covers”- $18,500. Now we get crazy! Every copy would be an enormous 64 pages as we pack it with all the previous covers we can fit! We’d even have some room to go deep into the archives, add pinups, covers from all the artists, and generally melt your eyeballs with luscious art!

92cff2709f2d83686f19b1dbf4aab750_originalWith 9 days left we have a real chance to make this goal and start this series off with a tremendous first issue.  Please share the program with friends and fellow comic collectors.  Let’s make this new series launch one for the ages!


Boundless Resurrects Belladonna on Kickstarter!

Belladonna00pg01 copyBoundless Comics is proud to announce the resurrection of a classic femme fatale in the brand new Belladonna #0 Kickstarter program.  With help from the fans Mike Cost (God is Dead) and extremely talented artist Ignacio Calero are delivering an epic history / fantasy mash up of Viking sized proportions!  Belladonna is the story of a Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens in a century of massive upheaval in the Celtic north-lands.

Belladonna00pg06 copyThis is a tale full of supernatural forces and mythology set against the real life historical events unleashed by the ferocious Picts.

If you love Boundless Comics mature approach to femme fatales – this new series is perfect for you.  We are reaching out to all of the fans to watch the video and consider joining in on the Kickstarter program to help make this Belladonna00pg08 copynew series a reality.  The Kickstarter has a ton of great prizes that will allow you to enjoy the fun of this series and to complete your collection with unique collectibles!  Please check out the program here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/belladonna-0