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Big Beautiful Boundless Digital Sale!

Webwitch PgBoundless has experienced a rebirth this year.  Its been amazing to see how many fans of the uncensored line of mature horror comics have embraced the books and helped to make it a huge success.  This week Boundless gives back with an awesome digital sale on ComiXology that allows folks to binge read some of the best bad girl comics right on your devices.  Right now through Sunday 11/13 you can get 90 digital issues of Lady Death, Belladonna, Webwitch, and War Goddess for a staggeringly cheap bundle package of $39.99!  It’s like Belladonna00pg01 copyfinding some of your favorite old comics in a bargain bin at the local convention.

With the click of a button you can be reading some of the hardest to find femme fatale action from the past ten years!  Check out the sale today at this link:



Belladonna Comics Debut on ComiXology 1/14/15

For the first time in years, the original Belladonna tales are available again in the Belladonna: Origins series debuting on Comixology Wednesday 11/4/15.  These stories introduced the warrior woman to the world and spawned a number of sequels.  Now fans can enjoy the first stories of this powerful character through digital comics.

Belladonna: Origins #1-4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Brian Pulido’s Celtic vixen is born! Wexford, Ireland, 999 AD. 137090-18725-110649-1-belladonnaSamhain. Though Colleen MacGrath (aka Belladonna) has laid dormant for years, Morrigan the Celtic goddess forces Colleen to rise and again claim vengeance for all the Celtic people! A druid has resurrected the dead Vikings who 2308890-brian_pulido_s_belladonna_02___00___fcmurdered Colleen’s family and has set them upon the town. Now it is up to Belladonna to stop the Undead horde. Will Belladonna succeed? Or will the sheer numbers finally put her to rest forever? These tales were originally presented in Belladonna Convention Special,  & Belladonna #0 -3.

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 9/16/15

These are the new Boundless Comics digital comics coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 9/16/15:

Lady Death: Origins #15 – 21

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:             Brian Pulido delivers the last chapter of Lady Death’s tragic LadyDeathCursed3-500x773origin in this action packed arc finale. And though she will survive…her life will never be the same again. Originally presented in Lady Death Origins #3.

War Angel wants vengeance for the mortal injury Lady Death gave her when last they met, and this issue is a knock-down catfight from cover-to-cover! It is 1100 AD and all is not right with the world. On the darkest of nights, ancient, demonic gods called The UNHOLY descend to extinguish all hope and all life! Only the diva of demise, Lady Death, the master spell-caster Satasha, the unruly fallen angel War Angel, the innocent female UnHoly, and the immortal demon hunter Pandora stand a glimmer of a chance against the march of fearsome demonic forces. Cornered, these warrior women are divided from within and without. In the epic tradition of Pulido’s Armageddon and Judgement War, this issue sets the scene for an explosive, first time meeting of Lady Death and Unholy, War Angel and Pandora! Originally presented in Lady Death vs War Angel & Lady Death: Lost Souls #0 -2.

Lady Death meets her match with the sultry Nocturne! In the dreaded Blacklands, a church begins to expand at an unbelievable rate. If it is not stopped it will overtake the entire Blacklands. Lady Death and Satasha, along with Legass the historian and Harbow the trapmaster enter the church to divine the mysteries of it’s sole occupant, Nocturne, and her deadly agenda. Why is the church expanding? How can they make it stop? Can Lady Death and her allies outwit an insane holy women with near infinite power or will they succumb to the trips and traps of the holy fortress?  Originally presented in Lady Death: Sacrilege #1/2 -2.

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 9/2/15

These are the new digital Boundless Comics item coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 9/2/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #0

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:              Special triple-sized issue! The biggest Lady Death issue of her LDApoc0-Regyear illustrious history is here! Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 is a super-sized, self-contained issue that features a 33 page all-new story from Brian Pulido titled “Merciful Fate”. The first chapter features the stunning fully-painted art of Carlos Valenzuela! Series artist Marcelo Mueller lavishly illustrates the second chapter. This special also features the long-lost Lady Death: Dark Horizons story drawn by Wellinton Alves that has to date only been seen in B&W, now brought to full beautiful color. But that’s not all! It also includes a huge gallery of unseen sketches and original pencil art through the ages including Ivan Reis and Renato Camilo!


Lady Death: Origins #6 – 10

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:               Lady Death has been whisked away by the all-new, diabolical, 180296._UX640_QL80_TTD_Goth villain – Pariah. She is magically moved from one impossible battle to another, all at the whims of Pariah. As the foes continue to overwhelm her, Lady Death begins to piece together the puzzle. The bitch goddess will not be used as a plaything and her vengeance will be mighty! Originally presented in Lady Death: The Wicked #1 & Lady Death: Blacklands #1/2 – #4.

Boundless Comics Coming to ComiXology 8/26/15

These are the new Boundless Comics coming to digital on ComiXology Wednesday 8/26/15:


Lady Death: Origins #1-5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Hope has renounced her humanity and she’s sentenced to the aah_half_goldlabyrinth. Now forged into the cold, cruel and alluring warrior Lady Death, she joins forces with the mysterious and deadly Wargoth, and master thief/spell-caster Satasha. Together they dare the impossible: destroy Sagos, the realm shattering warlock who has kidnaped Lady Death’s mother’s soul. This is cutting-edge epic dark fantasy as only Lady Death creator Brian Pulido can deliver it with art by super-star Ron Adrian! Originally presented in Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #1/2 through #4 and Lady Death: The Wicked #1/2.


Boundless Comics New to ComiXology This Week!

This is the newest Boundless Comic to be released digitally to ComiXology this week and is available right now!

Lady Death: Apocalypse #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:               The conflict for control of the Under Realm reaches a violent LadyDeathApoc4-regand bloody peak.  Lady Death must find a way to right the horrors being wrought upon demon-kind and discover how to cross the abyss that now exists in her heart from the call of the Void.  If she fails, everything, including her own life, may be lost forever.

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 4/1/15

This is the new Boundless Comics issue to digital on ComiXology this Wednesday 4/1/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       Lady Death and the angel Valora venture to a secluded LadyDeathApoc3-regmonastery which houses the greatest collection of written history in the Underrealm. It is Lady Death’s hope that victory over the Direknights might be achieved by understanding the origin of the curse which reanimates the dead and imbues them with a hunger for human flesh, but can she possibly uncover the truth before the plague of the living dead overwhelms the entire realm?

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 3/4/15

This is the new Boundless Comics release digitally on Comixology today Wednesday 3/4/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Artist Marc Borstel brings the number one comics bad girl back LadyDeathAp2-regto life in the exciting new Lady Death: Apocalypse series! Join in the delicious horror as we resurrect the harrowing adventures of the longest running independent femme fatale in comics. Zombie soldiers once stalked the Under Realm at the beck and call of their mistress, Death Queen. After her defeat, the Undead were no more…until tonight! As the specter of the long-forgotten Dire Knights rises to reignite the curse of the Undead, Lady Death is about to discover that these Undead are unlike the reanimated corpse warriors she once defeated.


New Lady Death Issues on ComiXology 1/28/15

These are the new Lady Death issues premiering on ComiXology digitally on Wednesday 1/28/15:

Lady Death #21 – 26

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:              Dispatched by Death Queen to rend Lady Death to bloody LD 24 Sultrypieces the furious Werewolf assassin is back, but can Lady Death possibly prevail when Void Demons are poised to devour the victor? Without her magical abilities in the dark dimension of The Void, Lady Death will have to rely Lady Death 21on her natural instincts and a body honed by decades of hand-to-hand combat if she is to defeat her savage adversary in this action-packed, epic battle between the beauty and the beast!

New Lady Death Issues on ComiXology 1/21/15

These are the new Lady Death issues premiering on ComiXology digitally today, Wednesday 1/21/15:

Lady Death #14 – 20

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  She was stripped of her power and battled for her life as she Lady Death 1walked the Earth in search of her stolen memories. She was wrenched to another dimension to learn the shocking truth that her mother is the despicable villain who is responsible for her unending torment. Lady Death has been to hell and back, and now she is faced with her greatest challenge yet: As all eyes turn to her, does she have the confidence, or even the strength, to lead a rebellion which seems doomed to failure? Valora, The Fallen, Stigmata and representatives of the last remaining free tribes all want an answer, but will Lady Death choose her destiny before the betrayal of a trusted ally leads the magically super-charged Behemoth and his amassed army of the undead to their hidden base?