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Big Beautiful Boundless Digital Sale!

Webwitch PgBoundless has experienced a rebirth this year.  Its been amazing to see how many fans of the uncensored line of mature horror comics have embraced the books and helped to make it a huge success.  This week Boundless gives back with an awesome digital sale on ComiXology that allows folks to binge read some of the best bad girl comics right on your devices.  Right now through Sunday 11/13 you can get 90 digital issues of Lady Death, Belladonna, Webwitch, and War Goddess for a staggeringly cheap bundle package of $39.99!  It’s like Belladonna00pg01 copyfinding some of your favorite old comics in a bargain bin at the local convention.

With the click of a button you can be reading some of the hardest to find femme fatale action from the past ten years!  Check out the sale today at this link:



The Ravening is Live on Kickstarter!

c79493e449029945578420cfc38bf3f0_originalBoundless Comics’ newest bad girl revival title is The Ravening!  The nearly 20 year old property has returned under the pen of Jai Nitz and expands the world we glimpsed in Hellina with two vampire lovers from different clans.  Fans of vampire fiction will love this series with Boundless’ trademark hard edge and sexy presentation.  These are comics for grown ups and have all the things you want in a mature series.

d7bba792854c9c37ac7bc8547213b9ac_originalCheck out the new Kickstarter which has already funded and is nearing completion of its second stretch goal!  Jump on board the Ravening train and be a part of making this one of the hottest new Boundless Comics ever!

Lookers Kickstarter in Final 32 Hours!

ecf6eeee32e5e23071ec02ae84be5b55_originalBoundless Comics’ newest sexy sensation, Lookers, is in the final hours of it’s Kickstarter funding.  The project is nearing the Ultra Stretch Goal which will make this issue of the book a massive 80 pages long!  Boundless fans are making this program a reality and when the goal is 7a6f936c8515c81f070e91c82895c0cd_originalachieved the #0 issue of the book will include not only the new Lookers story by God is Dead scribe Mike Costa, but also the full newly colorized Lookers Pandora Graphic Novel.

Please consider supporting this program and help Boundless Comics continue to deliver the very best in mature comics to readers everywhere.


And for fans that are looking for some extra special swag to go with their pledge – be sure to check out the Lookers Early Access add-on packages here at Comic Cavalcade:

LOOKERS #0 – Early Access

Boundless’ Lookers Explode Onto Kickstarter!

ecf6eeee32e5e23071ec02ae84be5b55_originalMike Costa is back and this time he’s delivering a brand new take on a Boundless Comics favorite in Lookers!  This brand new series details the exploits of two sexy sisters that champion the vulnerable and take down the trolls.  Beautifully illustrated by Renato Camilo & Ron Adrian, this 20th anniversary updating of the femme fatales is something you won’t want to miss!  Here’s a little more about the girls:

148ba0a517a351dd7275165a280ac6da_originalThe all-new LOOKERS #0 is a whole new beginning for this twenty year-old title, modernized by Mike Costa, writer of God is Dead & Belladonna with art by fan-favorites Renato Camilo and Ron Adrian! Sisters Michelle and Tanya take down Internet trolls and help women who are violated in the cyber world. Tanya is a webcam girl with no inhibitions and Michelle is an IT consultant with a bit of a violence addiction. Together they promise a high-octane thrill-ride as they get in way over their heads – but look great doing it! This sexy launch is, at a minimum, a 32 page comic in full- color, intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18. It’s chock-full of smoking hot bad-girl art, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the tasty good stuff for grown-ups!

You can help bring this classic to reality here at the Kickstarter page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/lookers

Boundless Books in Your Future

boundless-logo-cinematic-retinaTwo smoking hot new Boundless books just went to press and are on their way to our dedicated readers.  Watch for these two new issues at your local comic shop coming up very soon:



Jungle Fantasy #1 – In stores March 2nd

JFVixens1-regJungle Fantasy is back as the Vixens return to the wild side! Experience the exciting return to the world of Jungle Fantasy for the first time in a decade. The Vixens, Kit and Lani, came to this exotic world when their spacecraft crash landed. Wholly unprepared for living life in the wild, they JFVixens1-Wrapare learning the hard way how to avoid getting eaten by dinosaurs and where they can safely sunbathe! This first issue features an all-new story by Renato Camilo, one by Dan Wickline and Daniel HDR, and a classic Al Rio story in color for the first time!  Fans of sexy art, giant dinosaurs, and vicious beasts, this comic book is for you!

Webwitch #5 – In stores March 9th

Webwitch5-regThe epic conclusion is here!  Horrifying aliens collide with sexy spies as the battle for the Earth hinges all on Nina!  Nina must face down the Queen of the Spider-Nation to halt the invasion.  Or join her.   Webwitch must decide the Webwitch5-wrapfate of her birth race and the terrible creatures that turned her into a monster. Webwitch is a unique sensual thrill ride that will satisfy the mature comics reader and good girl art aficionado in you! We also conclude the full-color presentation of Tim Vigil’s Webwitch series!


Webwitch Comics Debut on ComiXology Today 10/21/15

303124._SX360_QL80_TTD_For the first time in over a decade, the original Webwitch comic books are available for a new generation of readers to experience.  The first five issues of Webwitch have been remastered for digital comics and are available today, Wednesday 10/21 on ComiXology.  This sensual series includes art from some of the biggest names in classic mature comic books, including Matt Martin, Bill Maus, Raffaele Ienco, and Tim Vigil.  See what sexy violent horrors await in these alien tales from the past.



Webwitch: Origins #1-5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Originally appearing in 1997 these are the first issues of the 303139._SX360_QL80_TTD_Webwitch! Nina had a happy life before her encounter with the deadly Spider-Nation. Now infused with alien 303134._SX360_QL80_TTD_DNA she has been turned into a monster set upon unleashing the hordes of alien creatures upon an unsuspecting humanity. Originally presented in Webwitch #0-2 and Webwitch War Prelude – #1.

Boundless Comics New to Comic Shops 4/29/15

This is the new Boundless Comics title arriving at comic shops this Wednesday 4/29/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    The conflict for control of the Under Realm reaches a violent LadyDeathApoc4-regand bloody peak.  Lady Death must find a way to right the horrors being wrought upon demon-kind and discover how to cross the abyss that now exists in her heart from LadyDeathApoc4-Sultrythe call of the Void.  If she fails, everything, including her own life, may be lost forever. Available with Regular and Wraparound Covers by POW Rodrix, Sultry and Pure Art Covers by Renato Camilo, Auxiliary and Alternate History Covers by Juan Jose Ryp, and Classical order incentive cover by Richard Ortiz.

Visit the Comic Shop Locator Service to find a comic book store near you –http://www.comicshoplocator.com/Home/1/1/57/575

Ember #0 Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced!

Stretch GoalsThank you to all the fans that have supported Boundless Comics newest project, the original new Christian Zanier hero – Ember!  To help keep the heat up on this new release, Boundless has added a nifty new stretch goal cover to thank everyone who supports the program.

There are seven days left to be a part of the Ember #0 Kickstarter program.  Please take a moment to review the project and join the fans making it possible for this new character to debut in comics!


Lady Death Arrives on ComiXology Wednesday 1/7/15!

Tomorrow, Boundless Comics is proud to announce the first of the Lady Death library of back issues will premiere on ComiXology!  Now those classic tales of horror and adventure will be available for all to read on your tablets or phones with the click of a button.

Enjoy these first issues and look for more each week from here out!

Lady Death #0 – 6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:              Lady Death is back! The most popular femme fatale in comics Lady Death 1returns with a vicious tale that delivers for both new and old readers! Lady Death is no more, stripped of her supernatural abilities, memories and soul, banished from the Nether Realm and left for dead, utterly defeated and powerless. In her place, Hope’s greatest foe has stolen her kingdom, her legacy and even her face, transforming the Realm into a nightmare world and rules it with an ldb_2_regunparalleled, sadistic pleasure. But this is only the beginning! The most sprawling epic in Lady Death’s history begins as Illadra, a simple thief in Medieval Spain, learns that her unnatural skills are tied to another life she has glimpsed in her darkest nightmares, one where she is Lady Death. Her world is about to be turned upside down when a demonic emissary and a battalion of zombie warriors thrusts her down a bloody path of self-discovery, and a quest to recover the true self that was ripped from her by the villainous Death Queen!