Boundless Comics Coming to ComiXology 8/26/15

These are the new Boundless Comics coming to digital on ComiXology Wednesday 8/26/15:


Lady Death: Origins #1-5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Hope has renounced her humanity and she’s sentenced to the aah_half_goldlabyrinth. Now forged into the cold, cruel and alluring warrior Lady Death, she joins forces with the mysterious and deadly Wargoth, and master thief/spell-caster Satasha. Together they dare the impossible: destroy Sagos, the realm shattering warlock who has kidnaped Lady Death’s mother’s soul. This is cutting-edge epic dark fantasy as only Lady Death creator Brian Pulido can deliver it with art by super-star Ron Adrian! Originally presented in Lady Death: Abandon All Hope #1/2 through #4 and Lady Death: The Wicked #1/2.


Webwitch Kickstarter Stretch Goal Within Reach

b79b9a165a44417b8f9a12d5848bea02_originalMatt Martin’s Webwitch Kickstarter project is ticking down to the final hours.  We are so close to the second stretch goal and making this first issue relaunch a massive 80 pages!  The goal is within $3000 and fans of the original Webwitch series know how incredible the Tim Vigil cover art was.  If we can reach this level the first issue will include those remastered covers in a f82dc20aaeef32c1ab2e2710dcf9aeb5_originalmassive gallery.  It will be the best of both worlds with the new editorial that has been developed over the past ten years and the classic material being collected alongside it.

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter program and spread the word to your friends.  You can find the project here:

Webwitch Kickstarter Eyes 2nd Stretch Goal!

42e7314f8d04b39aa0e701d2a771df42_originalBoundless Comics is thrilled to see Matt Martin’s Webwitch project has been both funded and reached its first stretch goal in its first three days live!  Every issue of the comic will now be 64 pages in size.  But we are shooting for the stars with this project.  It has been ten years in the making and we want to deliver the most amazing product possible.

96fcdaebc0ce8cb54ab5cc6a6e756253_originalThat is why we are reaching for the second stretch goal of $15000.  If we hit that target we can increase every copy to a whopping 80 pages and fill it with all the creepy Tim Vigil cover that were published on the first Webwitch series.  This would be the ultimate return of the alien species and an incredible way to launch the new story.

Thanks for your support and please tell your friends about the program.  Visit the Kickstarter page to view the video and catch up on all the great offerings:

Matt Martin’s Webwitch Kickstarter is Here!

Webwitch PgFan favorite artist Matt Martin has been working on a very special series for over ten years. Webwitch is a sexy mix of alien invasion and femme fatales that delivers on every angle. The series takes you through the life of a young woman who was born with alien DNA and is part of an ancient plot to wipe out humanity. Martin’s work is exceptional and manages to deliver a thrill ride of action and horror in this new series.

Now fans can help make this project a reality with a brand new Kickstarter campaign! The program offers fans who support the book a wide range of great prizes from exclusive editions to amazing original art covers. Take a look at the project and watch the video here:

Boundless Comics New to Comic Shops 7/8/15

This is the new Boundless Comics item coming to comic shops on Wednesday 7/8/15:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Apocalypse wraps up in this stunning oversized final issue!  LadyDeathApoc6-RegAll stands revealed as we see that Satyricon has been pulling Queen Tormina’s strings in an effort to destroy the Blacklands. Now only Lady Death stands in his way. Will her new found powers from The Void be enough to stop the LadyDeathApoc6-Classicalmad demon’s apocalyptic quest? This is the final fate of the Underrealm and Lady Death. Also featuring a special pinup and behind-the-scenes gallery of art from Lady Death through the ages!  Available with Regular, Auxiliary,  Alternate History, and Pure Art  Covers by Juan Jose Ryp, Wraparound by Gabriel Rearte, Sultry by Marcello Mueller, and a Classical Order Incentive Cover by Marco Turini.

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Lady Death Apocalypse #0 Countdown to Stretch Goal

LDA0 CoverWith just over one day to go in the Boundless Comics Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter the final stretch goal is in reach.  If you are a fan of Lady Death and have always wanted to be on the inside of a big project, this is your chance to help make this special issue the biggest single LDA0 art2Lady Death comic ever!  If the Kickstarter can reach $18,000 over the next 36 hours, the issue will be increased in size to a whopping 96 pages!  Every copy of the issue will be packed with extra features including rare covers, pinups, development and sketch art – tons of it previously unseen!

LDA0 CoverbWe are asking all of our fans to take a look at the program, pass the links along to your friends, and help make this issue something really special.  Please stop by the site today and consider supporting this incredible event!

Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter 96 Page Stretch Goal in Reach

The Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter has been a tremendous success in just the first few days of its existence. Fans of the femme fatale have responded to it with strong support to help bring the biggest issue of Lady Death ever to print. In just a few short days the program was funded and the first stretch goal was reached. Now as the event enters its final week, everyone is gearing up for the big challenge. If the program can reach its second stretch goal, every issue of Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 will be increased to an incredible 96 pages chock full of rare covers, pinups, development, and sketch art that has previously been unseen!

This is a chance for the Lady Death fans to take control of the project themselves and turn it into something very special for all involved. Everyone at Boundless Comics appreciates the support of the fans and we are looking forward to making this a project that everyone can enjoy!Visit the Kickstarter project here and help make it a reality:

Avatar Press Brings Christian Zanier to Phoenix ComiCon

Ember0-InFashion copyThis weekend at the Phoenix ComiCon, rising star illustrator Christian Zanier will be among the several high profile creator guests at the Avatar Press booth (#7066).  Zanier has worked on high profile Crossed arcs with both Garth Ennis and Christos Gage over the past year.  And now his first original project, Ember has launched through Boundless Comics.

Christian will be meeting fans, signing autographs, and talking about the future of Ember with everyone at the show.  There is a special Ember #0 In Fashion Phoenix ComiCon exclusive edition comic book available as well as four collector prints!  Make sure you stop in and get the lowdown on all of the upcoming excitement on this new Boundless femme fatale character!

Signing Schedule:  Christian Zanier

Friday:  12:00 – 3:00, 4:00 – 6:00

Saturday:  11:00 – 2:00,  4:00 – 6:00

Sunday:  11:00 – 1:00, 3:00 – 4:00

ArtPrints_Ember4 copy ArtPrints_Ember3 copy ArtPrints_Ember2 copy ArtPrints_Ember1 copy

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology This Week!

This is the newest Boundless Comic to be released digitally to ComiXology this week and is available right now!

Lady Death: Apocalypse #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:               The conflict for control of the Under Realm reaches a violent LadyDeathApoc4-regand bloody peak.  Lady Death must find a way to right the horrors being wrought upon demon-kind and discover how to cross the abyss that now exists in her heart from the call of the Void.  If she fails, everything, including her own life, may be lost forever.