Boundless Returns to Comic Shops in February

LadyDeathAp1-AltHist LadyDeathAp1-regThe long awaited and highly anticipated return of Boundless Comics is here!  Bleeding Cool announced the initial list of new comic books being offered in the December issue of Previews for February shipping 2015:

LadyDeathAp1-sultry LadyDeathAp1-Art DecoAmong the new offerings is the recently Kickstartter funded Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 which is still active and seeking to attain its first stretch goal.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the event please be sure to visit:

LadyDeathAp1-wrapThe new comics include these incredible new cover editions of Lady Death: Apocalypse #1:


First Stretch Goal Added to Lady Death Kickstarter

ld-kickstarter-stretch-goal-1Boundless Comics’ Lady Death Kickstarter program has been a big success!  With many fans of the classic comics icon supporting the program it was funded in just a few days.  Now the first of the stretch goals are being announced to make the program even more exciting.

If the Lady Death Kickstarter reaches $15,000 pledged, all fans participating at the $25 and up levels will receive an extra bonus of Medieval Lady Death #1-8 digital comics added to their loot.  These classic issues have been out of print forever and Kickstarter fans will have them to read at your fingertips.

If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter program yet – please take a moment to visit it here and see all the great prizes for helping make this a success:

Lady Death Kickstarter Funded!

LadyDeathApoc1-Kickstarter Thank you Lady Death fans!  We hit the goal to produce the new Lady Death: Apocalypse comic book in record time!  It was very exciting to see the flood of supporters and fans that stopped in to see what we are working so hard on here at Boundless.  You have helped to make the return of Boundless Comics a success and we have LadyDeathApoc1-KickstarterArtDecoenjoyed hearing from each of you about your enthusiasm for this classic comic character.

We are not done yet, though!  With 28 days to go, we are working on putting together some great stretch goals for the program that will help make the new Lady Death: Apocalypse series even better.

Visit the Lady Death Kickstarter at to participate in the return of a comic book icon.  Welcome back, Lady Death!

The Lady Death Kickstarter

She’s back… with your help!

Boundless Comics returns with the Queen of the Bad Girls, Lady Death! LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 is a full color 40 page comic book.

LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE will be the lead title of the Boundless Comics relaunch in the comic book market, with your kind support. It’s a tough time to launch a book with a strong female protagonist, and we are asking for the loyal fans of Lady Death to help us get her back to monthly comics. LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE will feature the stunning art of Marc Borstel, which you can see below, and the same top-flight cover artists Boundless has always been known for including Matt Martin, Juan Jose Ryp, Renato Camilo, Michael DiPascale, Richard Ortiz, and many more.

Kickstart her heart.