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Lady Death Apocalypse #0 Countdown to Stretch Goal

LDA0 CoverWith just over one day to go in the Boundless Comics Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter the final stretch goal is in reach.  If you are a fan of Lady Death and have always wanted to be on the inside of a big project, this is your chance to help make this special issue the biggest single LDA0 art2Lady Death comic ever!  If the Kickstarter can reach $18,000 over the next 36 hours, the issue will be increased in size to a whopping 96 pages!  Every copy of the issue will be packed with extra features including rare covers, pinups, development and sketch art – tons of it previously unseen!

LDA0 CoverbWe are asking all of our fans to take a look at the program, pass the links along to your friends, and help make this issue something really special.  Please stop by the site today and consider supporting this incredible event!  http://t.co/Cn6Q8N2usv

Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter 96 Page Stretch Goal in Reach

The Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 Kickstarter has been a tremendous success in just the first few days of its existence. Fans of the femme fatale have responded to it with strong support to help bring the biggest issue of Lady Death ever to print. In just a few short days the program was funded and the first stretch goal was reached. Now as the event enters its final week, everyone is gearing up for the big challenge. If the program can reach its second stretch goal, every issue of Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 will be increased to an incredible 96 pages chock full of rare covers, pinups, development, and sketch art that has previously been unseen!

This is a chance for the Lady Death fans to take control of the project themselves and turn it into something very special for all involved. Everyone at Boundless Comics appreciates the support of the fans and we are looking forward to making this a project that everyone can enjoy!Visit the Kickstarter project here and help make it a reality: http://goo.gl/dEDUIm