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Just a Few Hours Left to Join Unholy

Unholy2-Wrap copyThe Unholy Kickstarter has been a tremendous success.  Its clear Boundless Comics fans are excited to tune in for the mature readers action/horror comic series of the year.  And now time has ticked Unholy2-FemmeFatale copydown to just a few hours left for all of our supporters to get a chance to partake in the very cool prizes and add-on opportunities of the event.

We’re reaching out one last time in hopes of making sure every Boundless supporter has an opportunity to pick a Unholy1-KS-TeamPhoto copyside and enjoy the benefits of participating in the Kickstarter.  Please take a moment to check out the incredible art and the awesome characters that have been brought together to make this project something truly unique.

Visit the Kickstarter here:

And please share the project with your like-minded comic reading friends and family.  This is going to be one hell of a series!  Come along for the ride!


Time is Running Out – Pick a Side in Unholy Kickstarter

Unholy2-POV copyBoundless Comics’ newest uncensored creation – Unholy – has been a huge hit on Kickstarter!  Thanks to our fans, the series was quickly funded and attained its stretch goals.  Now we are in the final two days of the program and are working to make sure we reach as many potential readers as possible.

UnHoly1-Stunning copyBoundless is asking our awesome fans to help us reach those new readers by sharing the project on social media.  We want to make sure everyone that wants to get in on the cool prizes and events of the program has an opportunity.  And we need your help to do that.

Unholy2-CosChange-A copyPlease invite your comic book reading friends and family to take a look at the Unholy Kickstarter page and let’s make this one of the best Boundless new series to date!

Unholy in Final Week on Kickstarter

Unholy2-Wrap copyBoundless Comics fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of the new team series, Unholy.  In its first week on Kickstarter the program has been successfully funded and surpassed all its planned stretch goals.  Now as the event rolls into its final days the emphasis has shifted to focus on some incredible add-on items giving fans the freedom to customize their experience.

Unholy2-FemmeFatale copyOver the last five days of the project everyone at Boundless is looking to our amazing fans to help spread the word and find a way to reach all the like-minded comic reading fans out there who might enjoy being a part of the program.  We’re asking that all of our supporters please UnHoly2-Stunning copyshare the project through social media with your comic book reading family and friends.  Together we can make Unholy into the next action-packed uncensored mature readers bonanza that Boundless fans have come to love!



Unholy Destroys First Three Stretch Goals on Kickstarter!

Unholy1-FemmeFataleYou asked for more of Boundless’ uncensored horror and action and we delivered!  The new Christia Zanier & Raulo Caceres title brings together eight very different heroes and anti-heroes to save the world in sexy style.

UnHoly1-regThe series debuted on Kickstarter just a day ago and already it has been funded and blown past its first three stretch goals!  Newly expanded the series currently sits at three issues but with all our fans’ help we can attain even more goals and extend this new story to four big issues!    The next goal is just over $1000 away and would make issues #1-3 all 48-page giants!

Please take a moment to check out the awesome art at Kickstarter and consider joining in the fun here:



Boundless New to Comic Shops 8/17/16

This is the new Boundless Comics item coming to comic book shops on Wednesday 8/17/16:

Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: All-new monthly series!  Hot on the heels of the smash JFan hit JFanIvory1-RegVixens, we bring you the sexiest Jungle Fantasy to date with Ivory!  Trying to survive on a dinosaur-filled planet is even more challenging when you are on your own, but Ivory gets by on her wiles and wits as she hunts for her abducted family.  This first issue features a gigantic tale with art from Richard Ortiz and Renzo Ferrer, topped off with a special gallery of luscious Ron Adrian art!

JFIvory1-LusciousBoundless delivers a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by Renato Camilo, Wraparound and Natural Beauty Covers by Raulo Caceres, Luscious Cover by Matt Martin, and a Sultry Cover by Christian Zanier. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including a Century Nude (limited to 100 copies) by JFIvory1-SultryRichard Ortiz and Costume Change Set (limited to 250 sets) by Christian Zanier. And for the erotic art collectors, there is an Adult, Adult Extreme, & Sultry Nude Cover by Christian Zanier, Wraparound & Natural Beauty Nude Cover by Raulo Caceres, and a Luscious Nude Cover by Matt Martin!




Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!

Boundless New to Comic Shops 8/3/16

This is the new Boundless Comics item coming to comic book shops on Wednesday 8/3/16:

The Ravening #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  This giant sized second issue takes us deeper into the world of Ravening2-regThe Ravening and Hellina as your lovers  Izzy and Corrie defy the rules of their station and use their supernatural lust to save their clans.  But the world they live in is defined by the horrors and monsters that roam freely and a new union of beasts is determined to devour the daughters of the night.  This is a new type of underworld adventure where the creatures brazenly control the world Ravening2-Succubiand none of the nightmares are repressed.  To make this truly unforgettable we’ve also included a Ravening tale from the past, newly colorized and presented to a modern audience!

Boundless delivers a host of sexy stunning covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by Christian Zanier, Wraparound and Temptation Covers by Raulo Caceres, Ravening2-GothDecoGoth Deco Cover by Gabriel Andrade, and a Succubi Cover by Renato Camilo. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including an Alluring Century Set (limited to 100 sets) by Matt Martin and Costume Change Set (limited to 250 sets) by Christian Zanier. And for the erotic art collectors, there is a Nude Cover by Christian Zanier, Wraparound & Temptation Nude Cover by Raulo Caceres, and Succubi Nude Cover by Renato Camilo!

Last Chance to Grab a Barbarian Bundle

Belladonna#1_08The Belladonna Kickstarter is coming to a close in just a few short hours.  If you have thought about getting in on the newest Boundless Comics sensation and helping to make Belladonna bigger, bolder, and more brash – then please stop by and consider supporting the Kickstarter.  There are so many incredible rewards up for fans of Belladonna1-KS-CostumeChguncensored swords and sorcery action.  It really is the best way to immerse yourself in the bloody action of Belladonna and to reap the rewards of victory.

Check out he Kickstarter here:

But hurry…time is running out!


24 Hours Left on Belladonna Kickstarter!

e1ab462589164c16c6f7e6530f967a2d_originalIts coming down to the wire now!  Just a day left for us to push Belladonna beyond her limits and into a powerful new swords and sorcery series in style.  We’re asking all of our faithful berserker warrior backers out there to help us get the word out on your social media outlets to fans who love powerful fantasy storytelling like Conan and Red Sonja but with no holds barred.  Belladonna is a bloody Belladonna#1_08unrelenting monster of a series that is everything you want in a mature readers story.

The art by Nahuel Lopez is perfect for this book and really captures the pulpy feel of classic fantasy but with that hard edge you expect from Boundless.  These aren’t your pappy’s barbarian comics – these are great stories with amazing uncensored art for adults!  Please visit and consider supporting the project here:

Thanks for helping us to make Belladonna a big hit!

Sneak Peek at Nahuel Lopez’ Incredible Art on Belladonna Kickstarter

Belladonna#1_08Fans have been loving the incredible art of Nahuel Lopez on the new Belladonna comic book series.  To help share the amazing work with everyone, we’ve posted a brand new video of him illustrating one of the ravishing Belladonna covers on the current Kickstarter page.  You can see how easily his bold lines develop into the sexy battle sirens of this no holds barred barbarian slug-fest.

Belladonna1-KS-CostumeChgFans who enjoy sharp uncensored fantasy action that puts many of the well known swords and sorcery titles to shame will love this new series.  Take a few moments to check out the powerful illustrations and you’ll be added to Belladonna’s berserker nation.

The Kickstarter has just over two days left for you to become a part of it.  Check it out here:

Belladonna Kickstarter and Bundles Available!

Thank you to every Belladonna fan that has helped to make the Kickstarter launch of the new series a huge success! It is incredible to see how much excitement there is about the character and we are thrilled to be able to offer you even more Belladonna goodness in these limited edition add-on bundles and exclusives.

These special sets are only available for early supporters – and only a handful of these sets are available! These sets are guaranteed to fill, so if you want to lock in your ultra-rare Century set, and super limited nude covers, this is the option for you!

Just visit the ComCav shop here: and you can order direct or increase your Kickstarter pledge to match the amount for the add-on here:

We’ll do the rest! The books will be packed up and sent out when they are available to you either as stand alone items or with your Kickstarter prizes!

Thank you for your support of this cool new Boundless series!  Look for more Belladonna announcement coming soon.