Time is Running Out – Pick a Side in Unholy Kickstarter

Unholy2-POV copyBoundless Comics’ newest uncensored creation – Unholy – has been a huge hit on Kickstarter!  Thanks to our fans, the series was quickly funded and attained its stretch goals.  Now we are in the final two days of the program and are working to make sure we reach as many potential readers as possible.

UnHoly1-Stunning copyBoundless is asking our awesome fans to help us reach those new readers by sharing the project on social media.  We want to make sure everyone that wants to get in on the cool prizes and events of the program has an opportunity.  And we need your help to do that.

Unholy2-CosChange-A copyPlease invite your comic book reading friends and family to take a look at the Unholy Kickstarter page and let’s make this one of the best Boundless new series to date!