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Sneak Peek at Nahuel Lopez’ Incredible Art on Belladonna Kickstarter

Belladonna#1_08Fans have been loving the incredible art of Nahuel Lopez on the new Belladonna comic book series.  To help share the amazing work with everyone, we’ve posted a brand new video of him illustrating one of the ravishing Belladonna covers on the current Kickstarter page.  You can see how easily his bold lines develop into the sexy battle sirens of this no holds barred barbarian slug-fest.

Belladonna1-KS-CostumeChgFans who enjoy sharp uncensored fantasy action that puts many of the well known swords and sorcery titles to shame will love this new series.  Take a few moments to check out the powerful illustrations and you’ll be added to Belladonna’s berserker nation.

The Kickstarter has just over two days left for you to become a part of it.  Check it out here: