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Boundless Comics New to Digital 11/9/16

These are the new Boundless Comics digital items coming to ComiXology and ComCav.net on Wednesday 11/9/16:

Belladonna #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Mike Costa’s fiery barbarian queen returns to cut a bloody swath Bella2-Regof vengeance through her enemies. She has uncovered her true foe, the sorceress Skene, but defeating this enemy will take more than brawn and fury. After a crushing battle, now Bella is swept up into the lupine world of the woman know as the Gypsy! It is an age of high sorcery and razor sharp swords in the uncensored mature readers fantasy epic of Belladonna!




Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The jungle is rife with danger and sensuality! Among its secrets JFIvory4-regare the beasts both familiar and primordial. And of course the dangers don’t stop there, as the animal that walks on two legs can be more deadly and lustful than any in the strange alien animal kingdom. This is the line between life and death as beautiful women attempt to survive against all odds in a world without civilization. Join in the fun and devour the incredible art of the very best in cheesecake comic art!


5 Days Left to Rock Hellina Kickstarter

HellinaScythe1-reg copyThe latest Boundless Comics’ series, Hellina Scythe, is live on Kickstarter right now.  It was funded within hours of its launch and blew through the first two stretch goals immediately following.  Now the program has five days left taking it through Halloween in an effort to unlock the additional stretch goals.

stretch1Right now we are less than $1000 away from cracking the next goal and adding a third issue to the series!  This is such a big one and everyone in the program benefits by getting a free digital copy of the issue.  We need your help in reaching fans so that we can add this awesome goal to the series.

Please share the project with your like-minded friends and family.  If we can keep the excitement going this can end up as one of the biggest new series from the Boundless line of uncensored horror yet!

Visit the Kickstarter here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/hellina-scythe-1?ref=nav_search

Time is Running Out – Pick a Side in Unholy Kickstarter

Unholy2-POV copyBoundless Comics’ newest uncensored creation – Unholy – has been a huge hit on Kickstarter!  Thanks to our fans, the series was quickly funded and attained its stretch goals.  Now we are in the final two days of the program and are working to make sure we reach as many potential readers as possible.

UnHoly1-Stunning copyBoundless is asking our awesome fans to help us reach those new readers by sharing the project on social media.  We want to make sure everyone that wants to get in on the cool prizes and events of the program has an opportunity.  And we need your help to do that.

Unholy2-CosChange-A copyPlease invite your comic book reading friends and family to take a look at the Unholy Kickstarter page and let’s make this one of the best Boundless new series to date!