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The Final Countdown for Hellina Scythe Kickstarter!

HellinaScythe1-reg copyHellina fans have come out in force to support the newest Boundless femme fatale returning to the pages of our uncensored horror comics.  This second series – Hellina Scythe – has experienced tremendous support from readers and now has just 12 hours left in its Kickstarter project.

The series was quickly funded and raced through three stretch goals.  Now we are within striking distance on the 4th stretch goal and have an opportunity to add even HellinaScythe3-reg copymore classic Hellina material to the new series.

We are asking our loyal Boundless Comics fans to help us with this last push to make sure we can give everyone participating in the Kickstarter as much extra material as possible.   Our goals are to provide the most powerful mature readers stories being published and to ensure that the value we supply in every issue is unmatched.

Please help by sharing the project on social media and encouraging your like-minded mature comic reading family and friends to check out the series today here:

36 Hour Hellina Scythe Countdown Has Begun

HellinaScythe3-reg copyHellinaScythe3-wrap copyHellina Scythe is the newest Boundless Comics project to be launched on the Kickstarter platform to rave support by mature reader fans.  The new series brings the fan-favorite character back for a new horrifying tale of terror by Pat Shand and amazing artist Gabriel Andrade!  This new chapter in the Boundless saga was funded and quickly rocketed up through three stretch goals.  Now we are in the homestretch of the project with just a day and a half left for readers to participate in the event.

We’re asking all of our awesome Boundless friends and fans to help spread the word out to like-minded readers so everyone can get a chance to share in the incredible prizes for this program.  Please share the link to the Kickstarter page on social media and we can make sure that everyone who participates gets to enjoy the stretch rewards we achieve.

5 Days Left to Rock Hellina Kickstarter

HellinaScythe1-reg copyThe latest Boundless Comics’ series, Hellina Scythe, is live on Kickstarter right now.  It was funded within hours of its launch and blew through the first two stretch goals immediately following.  Now the program has five days left taking it through Halloween in an effort to unlock the additional stretch goals.

stretch1Right now we are less than $1000 away from cracking the next goal and adding a third issue to the series!  This is such a big one and everyone in the program benefits by getting a free digital copy of the issue.  We need your help in reaching fans so that we can add this awesome goal to the series.

Please share the project with your like-minded friends and family.  If we can keep the excitement going this can end up as one of the biggest new series from the Boundless line of uncensored horror yet!

Visit the Kickstarter here:

Hellina Scythe Destroys First Two Stretch Goals

HellinaScythe1-reg copyWith just over a week left in the Hellina Scythe Kickstarter project, everyone’s favorite hell-bound adjudicator has whipped the first two stretch goals and is nearing the third!  The Boundless faithful have spoken loud and clear – they want more  Hellina!  And we’re going to supply it with an incredible Kickstarter program designed to give hardcore Boundless fans the very best in exclusive prizes.

Right now the program is less than $1500 away from breaking the third stretch goal and delivering a full third issue of the series!  And all pledge level supporters will receive a digital copy of the issue.  Everyone wins!  Well…except maybe the demons.

Please stop by the Kickstarter page and help us bring the latest in uncensored horror to the pages of Hellina Scythe!