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Hellina Scythe Destroys First Two Stretch Goals

HellinaScythe1-reg copyWith just over a week left in the Hellina Scythe Kickstarter project, everyone’s favorite hell-bound adjudicator has whipped the first two stretch goals and is nearing the third!  The Boundless faithful have spoken loud and clear – they want more  Hellina!  And we’re going to supply it with an incredible Kickstarter program designed to give hardcore Boundless fans the very best in exclusive prizes.

Right now the program is less than $1500 away from breaking the third stretch goal and delivering a full third issue of the series!  And all pledge level supporters will receive a digital copy of the issue.  Everyone wins!  Well…except maybe the demons.

Please stop by the Kickstarter page and help us bring the latest in uncensored horror to the pages of Hellina Scythe!

Boundless Comics New to Comic Shops & Digital 6/29/16

These are the new Boundless Comics items coming to local comic shops and digitally on ComiXology and ComCav on Wednesday 6/29/16:

Hellina #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Hellina is this year’s hottest femme fatale!Hell won the ultimate HELLINA3battle for control over the Earth and now one fiery, whip-cracking, sexy siren is on the front line fighting against the terrorist forces of Heaven. If you love non-stop sultry supernatural action – Hellina is the book for you! And this final issue presents the last chapter of the historic Hellina vs Pandora series in full color for the first time.  Don’t miss the amazing array of sexy covers with this issue including a Regular Cover by Gabriel Andrade, Wraparound Cover by Hellina3-WrapRenato Camilo, Sacrilege Cover by Raulo Caceres, Enforcer Cover by Ron Adrian, and Stunning Cover by Christian Zanier. Plus an array of super limited covers for the collector including Painted CenturySet of 3 books (limited to 100 sets) by Michael DiPascale and Costume Change Set (limited to 250 sets) by Christian Zanier. For the erotic art collectors, there is a Wraparound Nude cover also by Camilo, a Sacrilege Nude Cover by Caceres, an Enforcer Nude Cover by Adrian, and a Stunning Nude Cover by Zanier! To see the uncensored adult covers, please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.


The Ravening #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The queens of the night return in a monster sized 64 page debut Ravening1-regissue of vampire love and loss!   The Ravening have been spoken of in hushed whispers for twenty years and are now reborn with an all-new tale of darkness from seasoned writer Jai Nitz and illustrator Jack Jadson!  In Hellina #1, she flexed her power as the adjudicator of Hell Ravening1-Temptationand swept through the underworld,  ending many dynasties.  The vampire lords of House Morcego and House Volmaan  were lost to Hellina’s wrath and their daughters Izzy and Corrie are struggling with how to keep them from collapsing in the chaos.  Merging with another house seems the only option, so these two lovers defy all the rules and marry each other to unite their clans.  But can their young blood survive the many threats now closing in around them as a horde of Satyrs target their weakness?  It’s a seductively sexy look at a new kind of underworld now living in the shadows.  To top it off, we include two of the very first Ravening stories from 1997, in color for the first time, as well as a cover gallery of some of the classic covers of the past!