Only 2 Days Left in Lady Death Kickstarter

LadyDeathApoc1-KickstarterArtDecoBoundless Comics is set for a big return with the first lady of horror comics, Lady Death leading the charge.  The relaunch of this classic comics icon has been in the hands of the legions of Lady Death fans as they help to bring her back to comic shops through participating in the Kickstarter fundraising effort.

LadyDeathApoc1-KickstarterThe program has a number of incredible value pledge levels where fans can both contribute to the launch of the new Lady Death: Apocalypse comic series and can take advantage of getting a library worth of print and digital comics as a thank you.  With only two days left in the fund raising effort, Boundless invites all LD fans to take a few moments to review the program and be a part of the event!

Thanks to everyone for helping to bring this icon of comics back in a big way!