Boundless Returns in December Previews

LadyDeathAp1-regIn stores today, Boundless comics returns with a vengeance in the pages of the December issue of Previews.  The long awaited return of Lady Death is here and fans of the iconic character can be a part of the festivities.

At long last the new Lady Death: Apocalypse series is here.  Join everyone in welcoming back one of comics’ most recognizable and longest running characters in a brand LadyDeathApoc1-Kickstarternew tale designed to introduce new fans to the world of Lady Death.  This first oversized issue features a massive primer that takes us through the history of Lady Death and sets everyone up for the exciting new story beginning in this issue!

If you would like to help Boundless make Lady Death’s return as successful as possible, please stop by the Kickstarter fund raiser to see what exciting pledge levels are available to fans at