Final Hours of Lady Death Kickstarter

LadyDeathAp1-regWe are in the final hours of the Lady Death: Apocalypse Kickstarter program to help bring the iconic femme fatale back to comics.  The fundraiser which ends at 7:30 PM ET today features an array of pledge levels that provide everything from exclusive comics to libraries worth of Lady Death comics.  The program is attempting to reach a stretch goal that will unlock additional digital content for all the pledge members if it can attain the designated target.

ld-kickstarter-stretch-goal-1Stretch Goal: Thanks for helping us hit our goal, it is truly appreciated!  Due to popular demand, we’ve added a Stretch Goal with a very cool bonus.  If we hit a Stretch Goal of $15,000, everyone at the $25+ level receives free Digital copies of Medieval Lady Death #1-8. This means if you have already pledged, this will be included in the rewards you’re already getting at the $25 level and above, if we can hit this new goal.

If you haven’t seen the program yet, please stop at:

Help bring this iconic character back in style as the lead title from the new Boundless Comics!  Thanks for your support!