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One Day Left to Participate in The Ravening Kickstarter

318a1583b56db05fe959803ca3278f86_originalThe Queens of the Night are coming and you can be a part of making the revival of one of the key titles in mature readers comics possible!  Boundless Comics’ Kickstarter to return The Ravening as a sexy and violent vampire series is in its last day of funding.  The program is pushing to reach the final stretch goals which benefit all readers of the series.

303b8da93ef66e65df6ecc759faaa1a5_originalRight now, the program is just a few hundred dollars away from the third goal – which adds issue #3 to the series!  Fans will be responsible for extending the series and giving writer Jai Nitz and artist Jack Jadson room to deliver even more fanged furies.  The fourth goal is also within reach if we can get some more fans to participate in the next 24 hours.  If we can reach it – a 4th issue will be added!

This is such a unique opportunity for Boundless fans to 50626a3a8658c17fd1d88cc14702f84c_originalactually control the content of the comics they love.  We have a lot of fun comics for adults lined up and on the way to you.  Please help us reach more fans so we make The Ravening a powerful four issue series thanks to the support of everyone on Kickstarter!