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Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 9/16/15

These are the new Boundless Comics digital comics coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 9/16/15:

Lady Death: Origins #15 – 21

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:             Brian Pulido delivers the last chapter of Lady Death’s tragic LadyDeathCursed3-500x773origin in this action packed arc finale. And though she will survive…her life will never be the same again. Originally presented in Lady Death Origins #3.

War Angel wants vengeance for the mortal injury Lady Death gave her when last they met, and this issue is a knock-down catfight from cover-to-cover! It is 1100 AD and all is not right with the world. On the darkest of nights, ancient, demonic gods called The UNHOLY descend to extinguish all hope and all life! Only the diva of demise, Lady Death, the master spell-caster Satasha, the unruly fallen angel War Angel, the innocent female UnHoly, and the immortal demon hunter Pandora stand a glimmer of a chance against the march of fearsome demonic forces. Cornered, these warrior women are divided from within and without. In the epic tradition of Pulido’s Armageddon and Judgement War, this issue sets the scene for an explosive, first time meeting of Lady Death and Unholy, War Angel and Pandora! Originally presented in Lady Death vs War Angel & Lady Death: Lost Souls #0 -2.

Lady Death meets her match with the sultry Nocturne! In the dreaded Blacklands, a church begins to expand at an unbelievable rate. If it is not stopped it will overtake the entire Blacklands. Lady Death and Satasha, along with Legass the historian and Harbow the trapmaster enter the church to divine the mysteries of it’s sole occupant, Nocturne, and her deadly agenda. Why is the church expanding? How can they make it stop? Can Lady Death and her allies outwit an insane holy women with near infinite power or will they succumb to the trips and traps of the holy fortress?  Originally presented in Lady Death: Sacrilege #1/2 -2.

Boundless Comics New to ComiXology 9/9/15

These are the new Boundless Comics digital releases coming to ComiXology Wednesday 9/9/15:

Lady Death: Origins #11 – 15

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The tragic history and triumphant battles of the sword-wielding 180326._SX640_QL80_TTD_heroine, Lady Death, are revealed finally completing her origin tale! Once an innocent girl from a noble household, Hope has sacrificed her humanity to become a deadly warrior and save her mother’s captured soul. But it is here, that she finally realizes her dark destiny, assuming the majesty of her new persona as Lady Death. But will her newfound glory be enough to confront the despot Sagos, a 180321._SX640_QL80_TTD_murderous warlock who wears her dead father’s skin and threatens to conquer the Blacklands?   And long after her journeys in the Blacklands, Lady Death, along with her Skeleton crew, were merciless pirates who raided merchant ships during the black age of piracy on the blood red seas. But all that may be at an end as Lady Death robs the booty of captain Mad Morgan Flintlock: vampire pirate! So weigh anchor and set sail for a tale of adventure and terror like likes of which you’ve never seen before! Originally presented in Lady Death: Pirate Queen, Lady Death Annual #1, and Lady Death Origins: Cursed #1-2.