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Ask Your Retailer to Reserve Ember #0

Ember0-SelfieLocal comic shops are putting the finishing touches on their orders for new comic books shipping in April today.  Ember #0, the brand new Boundless Comics super hero from artist Christian Zanier, is among those titles being brought in to your favorite retailer.  If you are interested in jumping Ember0-Regularon with the first of Boundless’ new stable of femme fatales, make sure you ask your comic shop to reserve a copy of the series for you.

Ember #0 begins the origin story of one of the newest female super heroes to enter the world of comics.  This spoiled rich girl’s life is turned upside down when she is granted the powers of fire and flight.  But being a super celebrity isn’t all its cracked up to be when you have to Ember0-ArtNouveaufight other ruthless people bent on using their gifts for their own gain.

Ember #0 is brand new and ready to take off this April!