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New Add-On Items Announced for Ravening Kickstarter!

c79493e449029945578420cfc38bf3f0_originalFans are loving the return of Boundless Comics’ sexy vampire lovers in the pages of The Ravening!  The Kickstarter has been red hot and Boundless wants to give supporters something special for helping to make this such a success.

An entire slate of new add-on items have been added to the program giving Kickstarter supporters a wide selection of comics to add to their collections. 6591b9994b6f6fb2ab2401e023333a18_original Participating is simple – fans just go to http://www.comcav.net/collections/ravening-early-access and review the great products available.  You can then either order them direct or increase your Kickstarter pledge to cover the books and get them shipped with your program rewards.  Its as easy as see, click, receive!

Please share The Ravening Kickstarter with your comic book reading family and friends.  Together we can make this new horror title one of the most memorable to be published!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/the-ravening