Ember #0 Burns Bright in February Previews

Ember0-RegularComic fans everywhere are scouring through the February Previews for the most exciting new comics and projects being solicited for April shipping.  Boundless Comics first original character launch of Ember #0 is an brand new beginning to the retooled line of femme fatale comics being developed.  Artist Christian Zanier writes and Ember0-Selfieillustrates his first original series from the line and introduces fans to the latest addition to the Boundless characters stable.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ember blazes brightly as the newest femme fatale from Boundless Comics! An all-new sultry series written and drawn by the incomparable Christian Zanier (Crossed: Badlands), Ember is the story of a very privileged young woman, given the twin gifts of stunning natural beauty and a fabulously rich father, who gets her life turned upside-down in the blink of an eye. A horrific plane crash, with a mysterious experiment aboard, and Ember0_Sultrysuddenly Ember has gained an elemental power over fire. But having a power and knowing how to master it are very different things. This special #0 is a full-length introduction to the World of Ember, some glimpses of her origin, and peak into her life. As well as a meeting with her nemesis Wreckage! This #0 launches everything and will be followed up this summer by a full mini-series also by Ember0-ArtNouveauZanier. Available with Regular, Wraparound, Selfie, Sultry, Art Nouveau, and a Fiery Incentive Cover by Christian Zanier.

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