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Belladonna Kickstarter Reaching for 3rd Stretch Goal!

bella-thanksThe Belladonna Kickstarter backers have been incredible!  We have received such a strong response to this new project that within just a few days we’ve already blown past stretch goals #1 and #2!  Now we are focusing our attention on stretch goal #3 and it is a big one that will make all of our backers happy.

Stretch Goal #3 “Cavalcade of Covers”- $18,500. Now we get crazy! Every copy would be an enormous 64 pages as we pack it with all the previous covers we can fit! We’d even have some room to go deep into the archives, add pinups, covers from all the artists, and generally melt your eyeballs with luscious art!

92cff2709f2d83686f19b1dbf4aab750_originalWith 9 days left we have a real chance to make this goal and start this series off with a tremendous first issue.  Please share the program with friends and fellow comic collectors.  Let’s make this new series launch one for the ages!

Belladonna Returns!

BELLADONNA is a sexy Viking epic exploding into the fourth full-color title from Boundless Comics, with your help! The all-new BELLADONNA #0 is a complete re-imagining of the character first published over ten years ago, brought to life by the visionary writer of God is Dead, Mike Costa, and illustrated by breathtaking newcomer Ignacio Calero. It’s the story of a Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens in a century of massive upheaval in the Celtic northlands. But Belladonna is no ordinary 9th century soldier, as her ferocious attacks and mysterious supernatural strength allow her to pile up the bodies of her enemies and grow the myth of a flame-haired shield maiden who could not be bested. Until the Picts unleash a mythological horror of their own… BELLADONNA is a sweeping blockbuster of sultry women bloodletting their foes and supernatural beasts yet to be conquered. It is a 32 page book in full- color, intended for Mature Readers with gore, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the good stuff for grown-ups!

Kickstart Belladonna!