Boundless New to Digital 10/12/16

These are the new Boundless digital items coming to ComiXology and on Wednesday 10/12/16:

Belladonna #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:           In an age of iron and stone, one woman’s fury would inspire a Bella1-Regferocious band of female warriors to rise up against the evils of the land.  Mike Costa (God is Dead) returns to the fiery femme fatale that took comics by storm with a tale ripped from the pages of fantasy.  The unstoppable warrior queen has tracked down the sorceress that has been plaguing the land but her sensual powers are able to pit both magic and monsters against those who dare to defy her.  Prepare for a powerful risque fantasy tale set in an age of warriors and wizards!  Belladonna combines the best of classic swords and sorcery with a sexy hard edge that you can only find in Boundless Comics!

Jungle Fantasy Ivory #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:          Welcome to the jungle! The sexiest action survival stories in all of JFIvory3-regcomics return with another danger filled issue! This issue sees our favorite femme fatales struggling to survive against the prehistoric monsters of an alien planet and facing dangers of a more cruel nature in the ruthless scavengers that want to possess her. There is no safe haven here among the predators. But these women know how to fight and they dish out the punishment in spades! Jungle Fantasy: Ivory is your source for the raciest action adventure stories in comics today! Join in the fun and devour the incredible art of the very best in cheesecake comic art!


Ravening #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:          The series wraps up with a bloody finale! Heaven has cursed Ravening4-regthem and Hell wants to kill them. Vampire seductresses Izzy and Corrie are facing enemies on all sides but that just makes their passion for one another even stronger. In a world where the forces of evil have conquered the planet, these two monsters have their own agenda that is playing out among the creatures that rule the world. The wicked Satyrs are making a play to move up the food chain and eviscerating these vampires gets them one step closer to their ultimate goal. The Ravening is a hardcore underworld of fangs and claws that yearn for spilled blood.