Unforgiven, Unforgettable… UNHOLY! The First Team Book from Boundless Now on Kickstarter

Boundless enthusiasm, Team Spirit, it’s obvious football season has— no, no, no… lemme start that over.

Hell won the eternal struggle long ago, and has been secretly ruling humanity ever since. With Hellina as their ultra-powerful enforcer, it seems nothing can change that. But even greater plans for final domination are made, and as the forces of Heaven catch wind, they have no choice but to make a valiant effort to turn the tide. All the holy warriors, the angelic forces, have been snuffed out or defeated. The burden falls to Yael, an angelic warrior who has seen the horrors of war for hundreds of years. Not hung up by concepts like right and wrong, she has to earn victory, for the greater good, by any means. So she sets about gathering the worst together for the best of reasons. Those that are unforgiving, unredeemed, unapologetic, and undefeated. They are the UNHOLY. This all-new series is brought to life by Christian Zanier and Raulo Caceres with loads of killer guest artists if we hit the stretch goals! All issues are, at a minimum, 32 page comics in full- color. UNHOLY is intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18, with blazing bad-girl art, nudity, brutal violence, language, adult situations, and the most killing for the glory of Heaven since the Crusades!

There. That’s much better. That said, courtside seats for the greatest show on Hell & Earth are going fast tonite, so check it all out on the UnHoly Kickstarter page and see what you think of that roster.