Even More Belladonna, thanks to you!

Ok, you guys have just passed the level 6 stretch, meaning we’ve got 4 issues @ 48 pages each funded.  Mike thanks you from the untamed wilderness of his research adventure (if you see him, give that guy a phone with google maps on it, or something), Nahuel thanks you from Argentina (and we’ll talk more about the phenomenally talented Mr. Lopez in this space very soon), and I thank you from my remote location in the U.S. heartland, where we had some unbelievably nice weather today.

If you haven’t taken a look at the Belladonna Kickstarter yet, I’d encourage you to do so when you have a chance, as it’s been our fastest-paced Boundless kickstarter campaign to date.

All right… I want to do another art/info update well before we hit the holiday weekend, but I gotta go make some comics now.  Catch up with you again tomorrow, likely.  In the meantime, it looks like Belladonna has hit the tavern for a little celebration.