Welcome to the Jungle!

Boundless Comics is going once more into that deadly primordial jungle in the pages of a new mature readers series: Jungle Fantasy Ivory!  Fans of the classic fantasy adventure series have enjoyed the sexy romp through a savage land where dinosaurs are only part of the danger facing our heroine, Ivory.

Now fans can directly help to bring this new comic book to life by participating in the Kickstarter project.  The event offers a huge list of exclusives and original art options for your support and enjoyment.  And the stretch goals increase both the size of the issues with more content and the length of the series with more issues!  It’s literally in the hands of the fans to determine how far we can go with the new Jungle Fantasy!

Please visit the Kickstarter program here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundless/jungle-fantasy-ivory?token=85cb8ea4

And please share this project with your like minded comic reading family and friends.  Every mention or post helps us to take Jungle Fantasy to the next level.