Boundless Resurrects Hellina on Kickstarter

HELLINA1-KS copyQuestions about what exciting new property will be the next to be published by Boundless Comics have been answered this morning with the release of the Hellina #1 Kickstarter program.  The publisher has tasked Jai Nitz and Gabriel Andrade to reinvent the character for its 21st anniversary and add her to the ever growing stable of femme fatales in the Boundless line.  Here’s a little about the story itself:

HELLINA is back and more lethal than ever in the sixth full-color title from Boundless Comics, with your help! The Hellina01-page03 copyall-new HELLINA #1 & 2 is a whole new beginning for this legendary character, given a fresh take by seasoned pro Jai Nitz. But she is no less of a sexy slayer than before, in fact now she is Hell’s Adjudicator, sent in to clean house when creatures-of-the-night get out of control. Heaven and Hell waged war for millennia, spanning worlds and dimensions, with a clear good vs. evil story to be told in scripture and in holy houses. Until Hell won. That was five hundred years ago, and Hell has been running things ever since. Not only are the forces of Hellina01-page04 copydarkness needing to be kept in check, but now a few of Heaven’s angelic horde have started appearing. This time, they are fighting as dirty as they need to get back into power. For those who love a whip-cracking, ball-busting, smoking-hot, demonic executioner, this series is for you! Both issues are, at a minimum, 32 page comics in full- color, intended for Mature Readers over the age of 18, with sultry bad-girl art, nudity, language, adult themes, and all the good stuff for grown-ups!

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